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About Us

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to the Eyepicked, has evolved from 2 girls playing dress-up, to a
vogue fashion platform for brands to connect with their genuine customers, and for young women all over to understand and be inspired by our personal styles. We brought you here the trending fashion and style statement. Fashion means in my words is, “the thing what your eyes loves to see”. That’s why we pick this name ‘Eyepicked’ the style or the look what our eyes quickly pick up and eagerly wants to do that. We here will give my readers some fashion advice to live their life in classy way. Because dress tells how we want to be addressed. Pushing the limits of creativity right from fashion and photography, to hair and make-up is what drives us to constantly curate original content right from our souls. Everything we do roots from pure passion and inspiration and we hope every woman or girl out there finds a little bit of herself in each of us!