We outlined 2020 for you: Turn the next year's 12 Gazetted Holidays into 46 Days of Leave

The new year means loading up the office vacation budget, and the 2020 calendar is great for the scheduling of weekend holidays and even a week long holiday without any unpaid vacations (although you get fewer than seven annual vacation deals).

This year, there are 13 gazetted holiday days past a weekend and you can have a wonderful breath from worldly office life, if you club them with your yearly and relaxed holidays. But you don't have to do algebra–for you we did it. These gazetted holidays have been converted into long weeks that you can choose from and plan immediately.

Shivratri Weekend (21-23rd February)

Sadly, this year's Sunday is 26 January, so only in February is the first long weekend of the year. Shivratri comes on a Friday 21 February, where you will be spending your first weekend

Holi Festival:(7-10th March)

Holi is happening on a Tuesday on 10 March. When you go on a break on Monday, 9 March, you can spend four days on the previous weekend

Ram Navmi-Mahavir Jayanti-Good Friday (2nd-12th April)

Such three days of pleasure can only take four leaves for 10 days. Ram Navmi is on Thursday 2 April and on Munday 6 April Mahavir Jayanti will crash. You may have a weekend stretched to five days as you depart on 3 April and if you are too aventurous or just really want to chill, you can take offs for 7, 8 and 9 April as 10th is Good Friday.

The scheduling leaves will therefore give you a good 11 enjoyable days. You still have 5 days of extended weekend and 3 days of Good Friday weekend if you are not too keen to get off on the weekdays.

Buddha Purnima (7-10th May):

Buddha Purnima will happen on 7 May 2020-a Thursday, and on Friday you will have a 4-day weekend.

Eid-ul-Fitar (23-25th May):

This year, Monday is 25 May, Ramzan Id. And, if you want, you can conveniently schedule your 23-24-25th visit. May is an outstanding time to walk in the mountains as the skies are clear and landslides are not frightened.

Eid-ul-Adah (31st July-2nd August):

July 31st is a Friday and a Bakr Eid gazetted leave. Another three-day relaxing weekend is here to schedule a quick trip.

Janamashtmi (12-16th August):

Even if Janamashtmi arrives on a Wednesday, August 12, you will enjoy a good five-day weekend on Thursday and Friday.

Gandhi Jayanti (2nd-4th October) :

November 30 is a Monday, Guru Nanak Jayanti. Between 28th to 30th November, you can schedule a quick getaway.

Christmas (25-27th December)

One of the most awaited days of the year – Christmas! This is the last long weekend, and you can take all your paid annual fees around that time and make it as long as you like for the weekend.

So here, in 46 days of leaves, we turned 13 gazettes of the year! Have a great year to come.


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