India's Top Travel Bloggers 2019

Most people make it their choice to fly around the globe. Such travelers also start their own blogs or websites in our age of technology, with social media growing daily, to share their journeys with the online world. Today, as well as many in India itself, there are millions of travel bloggers around the world.
2019 was a great year particularly for travel bloggers in India. These bloggers have made quite a difference in the online traveling world with their edgy video and articles about the many places they visited, with an increasing number of tourists visiting every year. Below are the top 10 Indian bloggers in 2019.

1.Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath is a woman aventurer on an inspiring journey and freedom mission for other young women. And she does just that in her award-winning blog The Shooting Star. In 2013, Nath was given the title of' Best Travel Blogger' for sharing her insights and tips on traveling like a resort and discovering these destinations off the beaten track. Nath's life and travels are fundamentally interesting, as someone who has abandoned corporate life for a full-time traveller.

  2.Karthik Reddy

 Karthik Reddy decided to leave his comfort zone and begin traveling after completing his MBA in  2012. Reddy started soon his own travel blog Romancing The Planet with stories about travel, advice and pictures. This blogger has a love of world cuisine, new cultures and new people. See your blog to find out a little more about what to do or where to go.

3.Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal has been blogging since 2004 and likes to share ideas about her two greatest passions: touring and reading. The book reviews of Goyal are all listed in Anu Reviews and their travel stories are listed in her other blog, Inditales. Goyal provides a lot of practical information on trips across India and shares her stories on International travel, including walking tours in some major Indian cities. The Mouse Charmers —Digital Pioneers of India.  Goyal is also the author.

 4.Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath is a world traveler with many abilities. In addition to being a media professional , she is a total traveler, writer, reporter and photographer. Sharath shares her worldwide experience and travels to India in her excellent blog, Travel With Lakshmi, and received the India Best Travel Blog of the Year award in 2008. Sharath collaborated with major brands including Thomas Cook, Nokia Lumia, Airbnb and Virgin Atlantic throughout the entire blogging career.

 5.Arnab Maity

A beautiful story behind Arnab Maity's blog, The Wireless Wanderer. This blog started as a way to help Maity's mother, who passed on the passion for traveling to him almost in the words and photos of her son. Nevertheless, when readers started to email Maity and tell him that the Wireless Wanderer encouraged them to hit the road, the blog's mission grew larger. Maity wants to show people that it can be cheap to travel, that working people can also travel, and that the people you meet have some of the most unbelievable stories and valuable insights to share.

6. Taruvello Aka Tarun Sharma

Taruvello aka Tarun Sharma has a great story behind. He’s been a national medallist in his 20’s His travelling spirit took a turn when he was an athlete as he’s been travelling city to city for games and all. And then, well, life happened but he decided not to leave his dreams behind and started his first trip which was actually his first ever dream “A trip to Leh-Ladakh on bike”. And then he just never stopped to live his dreams.

He has taken a full India solo trip after that that too within 45 days. His instagram photos can tell you many secret places in India itself. In a way he says we have a beautiful country to plan a honeymoon as well as a family trip. He worked with many brands like Jeep, Fiat,Avis Rental Cars india, Daniel Wallington, Amazefit, Carrypro, Skybags, Samsung, Kohler and many more brands.  He knows about every good place to stay in any corner of India. So if you have any query about where to visit or where to stay while travelling in India’s any place, he’s the person you can go to. I heard he’s really amazing in person also.

What I like the most on his profile is, he always gives some social messages in every of his videos like he worked with Haryana Govt. in “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”.
“I came from a middle class family but if I can fulfil my dreams anyone can. You just have to take a decision for it” Tarun says.

7. Sankara

Sankara is now one of India's leading travel bloggers, with many top media outlets, including BBC Worldwide, The Times of India and National Geographic, highlighting his motorcycle adventures. BE ON THE ROAD addresses a wide variety of issues, including veggie food, nature holidays, exotic cultures and Indian visas. The blog is useful for those who want to travel cheaply and efficiently and for those who want to explore India in particular.

8. Siddhartha Joshi

One of the most successful traveled bloggers in India, Siddhartha Joshi. He believes strongly in the ability to travel to break down barriers and tolerate one another. Joshi lives for human moments as he seeks his joy through his various experiences with the local people. Joshi hopes to express his love for people  through his blog called The Wanderer.

9. Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha has one of the Web's most fashionable adventure blogs, Anki On The Move, in which she succeeds in expressing her feelings about certain sites. In the past, Sinha has led Indian travelers to meet people in different cities to bring them together. She's even won a few awards and is considered to be one of the country's best adventure bloggers. For those of you looking for the most extreme sport, like mountaineering, cliff spring jumping, zip lining and more, this blog should be a good place to do.

10. Parnashree Devi

Parnashree Devi, also named Shree, is an Assam travel blogger based in Delhi. Devi started her my Travel Diary and she likes to explore remote corners of the world, to meet locals, sample local cuisine and learn about different ways of life. Devi hopes to inspire others to pack their bags and move from their comfort zones through her blog.


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