Ashok Vihar Flyover is haunted by a woman who appears when you drive below 40 km / h.

Imagine driving around 2 AM on the roads in Delhi and a woman standing out in front of your car from the outside! Afraid, right?! Okay, legend has it, you MAY meet a supernatural being when you drive this flyover. Fascinated? Let us fill you in!

Indeed, Apparently, a woman was dead many years ago near the Satyawati Flyover railways in Delhi and people are still watching her spirit wandering around (shivers are walking down our back!) You'll see a woman running together with your car (OMG) when you drive your vehicle below a speed of 40! That, you guys, is SO spooky!

Would you dare to try this out? Let us know about your scary experiences!

Where | Satyawati Flyover, Ashok Vihar


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