Did you take a stand For Priyanka Reddy or for yourself?

Priyanka Reddy who got raped and burnt alive. These 4 men Pasha, Keshav, Naveen, Shiva are the culprits who did this.

“It’s high time we need to take a stand” every time we say this line whenever we hear this kind of news. But in reality who takes a stand? Do you? First let’s clear the meaning of “taking a stand”. Is going on candle march is taking stand? Or commenting on twitter is taking stand? Well, over the years this taking a stand meaning has been changing a lot. So let’s take one step at a time. Let’s just start from our home. How we can start taking a stand from our own home. We always put boundaries on our girls and none are there for the boys, why? Boys can roam around late night but girls get to asked thousands of questions doing so. And if anything, any incident happens with girls at that time people just have this thing to say why her parents didn’t stop her to go out so late. I mean we criticize victim itself.
Are we putting any end to such comments? Are we supporting our girls instead asking them questions? If anyone of you is saying then please just start with that now. Taking a stand doesn’t mean the slogan “ Beti Padhao Beti Bachao” because educate the girls couldn’t protect her. It gave her degree that don’t provide her safety. It only gave her the life which she’s been living for decades with no fu**ing respect or dignity.
ZERO education in women, gender, sex, culture, personality is provided for men. Women in this country are mothers and women, they are not people with jobs and identities.
They would have robbed him if Priyanka was a guy and hit him left. RAPED & BURNT HIM wouldn't be there.
We've been stripped of gender and given no regard for sex due to the REGARDLESS OF WHERE SHE IS AND WHAT SHE Wears. One wants to talk about how our' culture and tradition' suffocates and stripe a woman's gender and teaches us nothing about the opposite sex from the richest to the poorest families.

Girl holding a slogan saying what if you are next with teary eyes.

Patriarchy is probable. The girls that want to talk about a woman's organ in NORMALISE IT are put out with slut shaming & character. So every single boob and vagina pair doesn't let you want to rape IT.
My heart is broken by the first thought I had was' why did they kill her... Because you're lucky if you just live now. Why couldn't they leave her only when they rape her?
Dr Priyanka Reddy, on her way home yesterday at 9.30 a.m. was rape and burned alive. She told her sister she was scared. In this nation, every woman is frightened. She didn't drink, she didn't make feminist comments about her breasts, she didn't wear filthy clothing, she followed all your goddamn laws and yet she got raped and burnt alive.
But does this stop here? No! Because, yesterday it was Nirbhaya who by the way Jyoti sigh by her real name, and today it’s Dr. Priyanka Reddy. But these are the names which have been in the news that’s why we got to know about them, what about others? What about every other girl of this country who just got scared more and more every day by these type of news.
At the end I just pray May she rest in peace!!


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