And India has put all medals in It’s bag with Mehuli Ghosh winning 10m air rifle gold in SAG

In the 13th South Asian Games here on Tuesday, Indian shooters snagged nine medals, winning four golds, with Mehuli Ghosh staying on top of the rankings with a score higher than world record. But somehow it won't be an official world record as the ISSF doesn't accept the results of the South Asian Games.
Mehuli won the gold within the semis with a score of 253.3, 0.4 over current record of 252.9 in another Indian's name, Apurvi Chandela. Shriyanka Sadangi scored 250.8 in the silver while Shreya Agrawal (227.2) won the Indians ' bronze in a 1-2-3 podium finish. In the 2018 ISSF World Championships, Mehuli earned a 10 m air rifle silver. In the 2018 Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympics, she even won silver medals.
Chain Singh won the gold medal with opposite number Akhil Sheoran winning the silver in the 50 m 3P event for the men.
Throughout the 25 m center fire pistol competition, Yogesh Singh and Gurpreet Singh won the gold and silver medals alike. In the 25 m center fire pistol team competition, India as well won a silver medal.
With Mehuli, Shriyanka Sadangi and Shreya Agrawal completing on the dais, the Indian shooters dragged all the medals on display at the women's 10 m air rifle occurrence.
While Mehuli managed to win the gold with a score of 253.3, Shriyanka took the silver with a score of 250.8, while Shreya (227.2) won the Indians on the Satdobato Shooting Range in a 1-2-3 podium finish.


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