Messaging Checked Shirt with High Waist Jeans

Who doesn’t like to be experimenting with the dressing or change their look with current generation? To match this new style and look of this fashionable era, market has much experimented with the style, especially for women. To give them that new style and fashionable look. There are few wardrobe essential on which we lean on more than the chic checked shits it’s a real deal: a very true wear that anywhere closet staple. Go for those styling hacks which allows you to bring some saasy touch without breaking your bank and what could be more easy way then styling your simple clothes into a classy one?
Checked shirts are one such of them. Who doesn’t love check shirts? They are smart, sexy, and stylish yet remains classy.  But are you at times confused about how to wear check shirts? I mean wearing it in the same simple old way gets boring at times doesn’t it?
Contrary to what many might think, checked shirts with button opened and high waist jeans are one of the most versatile pieces that you can wear. You can pair them up with high waist jeans and a spaghetti. No matter what your body shape, checked shirts with an open look will be the saving grace of your summertime wardrobe if you let them.

High waist jeans, chic shirt, a statement necklace + a BOLD personality= Classic style perfection!

Checked shirt with a plain spaghetti would make a classy combination and adding a vintage looked necklace will just enrich your look to a next level. Is it compulsory to follow the same old fashion trend? Why not make your own style statement and let people admire you for your dressing sense. Yes, you heard me right, it’s time to give some sassy look to your old checked shirts. So grab one or even steal your brothers’ checked shirt and make it yours by styling them in your favorite way.

Styled my checked shirt with a plain spaghetti and a high waist jeans with cool sneakers. It can be perfect set for any day -; its decent style allows you to wear it for your office and even you can wear it for a night out or any day out by just adding a statement necklace & that’s it you are there,  a perfect style you will make. 


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