Best Makeup Tricks for Plus Size Women for Every Occasion

You are beautiful – It’s not just a saying but it’s a belief every living being should have inside him. No matter we have freckles or spots on our face or may be double chin, if you understand what your body and skin needs, you are already half way. Also, the way our society condemn plus-size women for their looks and body appearance is overrated and it’s high time to sabotage such myths. Here are the ultimate guide for plus size women on how to apply makeup to slim down their overall appearance and give yourself a desired toned look. All these things will help you in achieving the perfect look and making it forever endearing. Let’s sneak in...

Make sure that you never go over the top to achieve something; keep it always on the subtle side to let your natural charm save you for any occasion. You go, girl!

Highlighting Your Eyes Should be your Plan

Yes, your complete focus should be on your eyes because they can actually do wonders to your overall style and personality. A lot of mascara and bright eye shadow is what you need to glam up your whole face and let people fall in your eyes. Highlighting your eyes in defined way can make your day and is the ideal makeup hack for plus-size women to embrace any occasion.

 Make Full Use of Eyebrow Pencil

Since your face is on the heavier side and you have got some great eyebrows, take extra care of these by making use of an eyebrow pencil. Dark and full brows should be your forever makeup goal to enhance the intensity of your highlighted eyes and maintain focus on your face.

Jet Black Eyeliner is all you Need

A prefect jet black liner with intense finish is must-have for plus size women in their vanity kit. Start from the outer lid forming a winged shape as it will completely go with the rest of your eye makeup and overall ensemble. Let your eyes be the spotlight of the celebration.

Cute Peaches for Blush

Blushers and rose play a vital role in any makeup. Bu using them wisely can be a trick. As per my research and advice, I believe, pink and peaches are the perfect blush tones for plus-size women to give their makeup a defined finish and charm. Start from the cheekbone and move toward temple to form a slimmer appeal and divert attention from your double chin to your pinky cheeks.

Never Overdo with Hair

A lot of braids and decorated hairstyle should not be your pick as it would make you look plum and bulgy (if only you wish to be on the lighter side). Go for straight falling tresses to flaunt your fabulous style and fashion statement.

Make Use of Lip Pencil

It’s not mandatory but mostly plus-size women have extra voluminous and fuller lips which is not bad at all. But to make sure that it doesn’t highlight your double chin like appearance, give a proper outlining to your lower lip and complete your makeup with a bang.


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