5 Fashionable Women Heels You Are Missing Out

You must be counting yours, aren’t you?! Well, let me tell you that I can bet that you don’t have any of these pairs of heels in your collection. And if you do, then you qualify to be a true fashion expert. Women sandals are not something which is avoidable and irreplaceable. They are simply loving and love doesn’t fade away at any moment. Be it a casual day, party, shopping time, date night or office hour, footwear are must at every point in time. To keep your fashion game forever up, make sure that you own these classy pairs of sandals and get ready to strut like a chic. Are you ready to scroll down???

Below mentioned heels for women are must-have for fashion lovers so that they can always stay stylish and beautiful. It’s time to make your feet happy by slipping into these fashionable heels. Let’s do it...

Ankle Strap Heels
You must be having a bunch of heels on your shoe rack but if you do not own ankle strap heels, you are missing out the latest fashion fad. Just like other heels, these stylish women heels vary in heel height and base structure. The only thing which makes these women sandals different from other heels is the strap across the ankle, making them highly comfortable and sassy on appeal.

Cone Heels
I can bet you never noticed that the shape of the heel comes in various different structures. Have you??? A heel which is wider at the sole of the foot and keeps getting narrower at the base is what cone heels look like. Get this one to your collection and let people fall for your fabulous style statement and fashion sense.

Just the one shown in the picture, mules have the higher section at the top of the foot as compared to the below heel. These heels can have open or closed structure at the front of the foot and can vary in heel height. What you think about this one???

French Heels
Popularly known as Louis Heels, French heels have smaller heel heights and are in a curvy like shape. These women heels are highly trending and are a huge craze among fashion experts. Wear them with formal dresses and call it vogue.

Do you remember your academy shoes lately??? Similar to them, oxfords consist of flat heels with slightly greater height than the traditional shoes. A pair of oxfords is extremely classy and sophisticated in appeal.



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