Friday, 11 August 2017

How to Drape Bengali Saree - 3 Easy Steps

Hello Angels 
Who loves saree? I think most of us Indian girls loves saree too. Just the draping part annoys us, right? In occasion like shadi, mostly Girls prefer to wear saree and find something in our. mom's closet. That's what I did when my best friend's marriage has arrived. I thought instead of going to shopping why not try something new with old sarees of my mom. 
So I chose this great saree of my Mom. This saree is always my favorite and my mom's favorite too. This saree has this really great stuff that you can't believe how old this is. My mom bought this saree before around 18 years. Shocked! I know.... Let me show you the saree...

So what I did, is I draped this saree in bengali style because my friend is Bengali. So I thought I should be like bengali in her wedding and I loved my look. 
These are the steps I used to drape my saree in bengali style, which can help you too. Follow these steps for good help :
Step 1: Begin by Tucking the saree 
Begin by tucking the saree on the correct side of your midriff, and wrap it the distance around your body until the point that it returns to the correct side of your body. As the edge keeps running along your abdomen, you can tenderly tuck in the whole edge, so the saree has a protected fit.The base fringe of the saree should touch the highest point of your feet, and should look on a level plane straight and parallel to the ground.
Step 2: Make pleats of saree 
Once you have wrapped the saree once around your waist and tucked it on your right side hip, make pleats by tucking it back and forth. Usually we make 5 to 8 pleats on normal type of saree but as this is bengali style saree, in this you have to make just 4 to 5 pleats so that more cloth of saree remain for shoulder part which we call 'achal'. Because that's most important in this style.
Step 3: Make shoulder part (achal) with remaining part
After you take a shot at the fall of the sari, which will come around 5 to 8 pleats for most saris, you should keep a reasonable length for the shoulder part (which we ordinarily call the "achal" in India). The side relies upon which side (left or right shoulder) you need to take up the 'achal'. Drag the rest of the bit from appropriate to beneath your underarm on the left and place it on the shoulder (for right-gave) and the other way around (for left-gave). Stick a clasp on the shoulder and you can likewise hang the cluster of keys on your achal's tip with a bunch.
I think I did a great job! What you think...?

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