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10 Fashion Rules Every Plus-Size Woman Must Tear Off

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Yes, it’s high time that we keep ourselves bounded to any fashion theory or concept. It’s my appeal to every beautiful woman falling in the category of XL or XXL to stop limiting her wardrobe and style statement because of what we keep hearing since a very long time. Fashion is for everyone and you have all the right to use it your way and make it ideal for your individual personality. So, are you ready to break these forever going myths in regards to plus-size women fashion??? Let’s do it.

Let this biased fashion society know that you can do this and pull it off like they never would have imagined. Create your own fashion game and let others follow your footsteps. Here are the things you (plus-sized women) need to stop following blindly because they just have no sense.

Black is your thing

All- black is what you should wear – Isn’t this what you have been hearing since you dropped L-size behind?! But you don’t need to follow it any more. All beautiful hues available in the colour palette belong to you as much as they do to others. Black may be slimming but you are not supposed to hide your curves. If you got them, flaunt them.

Pretty Prints are not for you

I have to be honest and quote that – vibrant prints look more beautiful and refreshing on women with bigger size than size zero women. So, just ditch this concept of not wearing prints as they will make you look bulgier and fatty. I believe that beautiful, colourful prints will add spark to your overall style statement and personality.

Never Show off your skin
I mean why wouldn’t you?! Because you don’t have flat base and tiny curves?!
Own your skin and body like nobody can and give your best shot in every single piece of staple. Flaunt your gorgeous skin like any other woman and become the fashion icon of the season. Wear short dresses, off shoulder tops and other bold staples and don’t let any theory bind you at any moment.

Say ‘No’ to Body Hugging Clothes

The whole thing about that tight-fitted clothes look good on slim, curvaceous women only makes no sense. Even ill-fitted baggy clothes make plus-size women look more out of shape and bulgy. You don’t need to stick to them anymore. Slip into sassy bodycon dress and own your body like a fashion pro.

Always Wear Vertical Stripes

No more vertical stripes only; wear what you like. This is also one of the fashion myths for plus-size women that they should only wear vertical stripes to let their whole dimension look slimmer than actual. Wear horizontal stripes and other prints without blinking and be the super gorgeous you are. Bundle up, you stunner!

Plunging Necklines are Bad Option

Who says that plunging necklines are for skinny lasses only??? Girl, if you got them, flaunt them. This should be your style mantra of any time to grab eyeballs and call it vogue. Wear deep neck dress with plunging cleavage line and exhibit the bold version of you in magnificent way.
It’s high time to stay confined to so-called fashion rules, break them and make your own fashion anthem.

Wear Full-Sleeved Clothes Only

Haven’t you got tired of hearing that you have got broader shoulders so you are supposed to hide them beneath full-sleeve dresses??? If yes, then make space in your wardrobe for beautiful sleeveless dresses and slip into these exquisite staples to look like million bucks in a snap.
Even better to try various trending sleeve patterns to stay in pace with the ongoing trend and come under the league of fashion experts.

Myth about Dark Bottoms
The thing about dark bottoms is that they make your lower body look slimmer is bygones. You don’t have to restrict yourself anymore to specific colour palette consisting of dark shades only. Get ready to shake legs with light-hued bottoms and strut like a diva. Wear the colour of your choice and throw stupid norms of fashion society right out of your door.

Shorts are not for you
According to some people, women belonging to plus-size should only wear full length bottoms and upper wears so that the extra flesh on their body stays hidden under the layers. But that’s not the case anymore. Wear sassy shorts, denim skirts and other chic bottoms at any time and give your best shot instantly.

Last but not the least, No to experimenting
When everyone else is allowed to experiment with their dressing sense and style statement, then why you stay under the covers?! Try what you like and own it like a true fashionista. Give up on these silly fashion rules made for you and change their way of looking at you by setting your own fashion game.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Messaging Checked Shirt with High Waist Jeans

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Who doesn’t like to be experimenting with the dressing or change their look with current generation? To match this new style and look of this fashionable era, market has much experimented with the style, especially for women. To give them that new style and fashionable look. There are few wardrobe essential on which we lean on more than the chic checked shits it’s a real deal: a very true wear that anywhere closet staple. Go for those styling hacks which allows you to bring some saasy touch without breaking your bank and what could be more easy way then styling your simple clothes into a classy one?
Checked shirts are one such of them. Who doesn’t love check shirts? They are smart, sexy, and stylish yet remains classy.  But are you at times confused about how to wear check shirts? I mean wearing it in the same simple old way gets boring at times doesn’t it?
Contrary to what many might think, checked shirts with button opened and high waist jeans are one of the most versatile pieces that you can wear. You can pair them up with high waist jeans and a spaghetti. No matter what your body shape, checked shirts with an open look will be the saving grace of your summertime wardrobe if you let them.

High waist jeans, chic shirt, a statement necklace + a BOLD personality= Classic style perfection!

Checked shirt with a plain spaghetti would make a classy combination and adding a vintage looked necklace will just enrich your look to a next level. Is it compulsory to follow the same old fashion trend? Why not make your own style statement and let people admire you for your dressing sense. Yes, you heard me right, it’s time to give some sassy look to your old checked shirts. So grab one or even steal your brothers’ checked shirt and make it yours by styling them in your favorite way.

Styled my checked shirt with a plain spaghetti and a high waist jeans with cool sneakers. It can be perfect set for any day -; its decent style allows you to wear it for your office and even you can wear it for a night out or any day out by just adding a statement necklace & that’s it you are there,  a perfect style you will make. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

Best Makeup Tricks for Plus Size Women for Every Occasion

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You are beautiful – It’s not just a saying but it’s a belief every living being should have inside him. No matter we have freckles or spots on our face or may be double chin, if you understand what your body and skin needs, you are already half way. Also, the way our society condemn plus-size women for their looks and body appearance is overrated and it’s high time to sabotage such myths. Here are the ultimate guide for plus size women on how to apply makeup to slim down their overall appearance and give yourself a desired toned look. All these things will help you in achieving the perfect look and making it forever endearing. Let’s sneak in...

Make sure that you never go over the top to achieve something; keep it always on the subtle side to let your natural charm save you for any occasion. You go, girl!

Highlighting Your Eyes Should be your Plan

Yes, your complete focus should be on your eyes because they can actually do wonders to your overall style and personality. A lot of mascara and bright eye shadow is what you need to glam up your whole face and let people fall in your eyes. Highlighting your eyes in defined way can make your day and is the ideal makeup hack for plus-size women to embrace any occasion.

 Make Full Use of Eyebrow Pencil

Since your face is on the heavier side and you have got some great eyebrows, take extra care of these by making use of an eyebrow pencil. Dark and full brows should be your forever makeup goal to enhance the intensity of your highlighted eyes and maintain focus on your face.

Jet Black Eyeliner is all you Need

A prefect jet black liner with intense finish is must-have for plus size women in their vanity kit. Start from the outer lid forming a winged shape as it will completely go with the rest of your eye makeup and overall ensemble. Let your eyes be the spotlight of the celebration.

Cute Peaches for Blush

Blushers and rose play a vital role in any makeup. Bu using them wisely can be a trick. As per my research and advice, I believe, pink and peaches are the perfect blush tones for plus-size women to give their makeup a defined finish and charm. Start from the cheekbone and move toward temple to form a slimmer appeal and divert attention from your double chin to your pinky cheeks.

Never Overdo with Hair

A lot of braids and decorated hairstyle should not be your pick as it would make you look plum and bulgy (if only you wish to be on the lighter side). Go for straight falling tresses to flaunt your fabulous style and fashion statement.

Make Use of Lip Pencil

It’s not mandatory but mostly plus-size women have extra voluminous and fuller lips which is not bad at all. But to make sure that it doesn’t highlight your double chin like appearance, give a proper outlining to your lower lip and complete your makeup with a bang.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Fall Fashion Trends for Gorgeous Plus Size Damsels

February 03, 2018 0

Ladies, if ever you have heard that fashion belongs to skinny lasses and zero figures only, then it’s time to give them back with some great styling hacks and dressing ideas. Fall is the most beautiful and celebrating time of the year and making the most of it is the forever style mantra of fashion experts. If you are the one and belong to XL club, get ready to catch with my post to discover some awesome fashion trends for coming fall. Take fashion inspiration from these styling tips and make them work for your personal style. Let’s make heads turn around this fall – 

Chic Knitwear with Denim Skirt

Playing with different fabrics is what autumn season demands for. By donning a warm sweater with stylish denim skirt, you can bring the best out of your charming personality and call it vogue. Isn’t it the best way to make heads turn around while keeping yourself warm??? Do not forget to wear the matching shoes to achieve the desired appeal.

Evening Jumpsuit with Cape Jacket

An evening jumpsuit is the most ideal outfit to wear during fall season. Pick pleasing floral print and radiant hues to flare your overall personality and dressing style. Also, add a layer of cosy cape style jacket to stay protected from harsh winds and make the most of your dazzling self. Hurry up!!!

Slip on a Tea-Length Dress

A simple tea-length dress is must have for every plus-size woman for fall season. You can wear it for both casual and important occasions depending on your personal taste and mood. Wear matching heels and subtle accessories to look like million bucks and get ready to hold a gaze at any moment.

Fringe Jackets are Super Fun

Don’t you want to add some sass to your dressing style??? Plus-size fashionistas should never scare to experiment with their clothing. They are equally beautiful and mesmerizing as any other woman of the planet. Style your fall look with bold fringe jackets and let your peers follow you for great fashion inspiration.

Forever Plaids & Stripes

If you are not wearing plaids and stripe printed clothes in autumn season, then you are missing a great deal. Such cool, captivating prints are made for such time of the year. Get ready to flaunt your curves in these evergreen patterns and become the style icon of the season. Gear up, gorgeous!

Ponchos are Pure Love

Have you ever tried your hands on pleasing ponchos??? If not, then it’s time to make space in your wardrobe for these cute, pretty staples. Try colourful, vibrant ponchos with your casual and party wears and let your body breathe to the best. These silhouettes can actually do wonders to your personality in this season.

Blend of Military Dress with Soft Accents

Wearing an overall military dress is outdated; pairing a military outerwear with simple dress painted in soft accents is one should try to cause sensation. Try this look for breezing fall and let your dressing do the talking for you.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Perfect Valentine Gift Ideas to Make Your Bae Happy

February 02, 2018 0

So friends, the most awaited time of the year is just 14 days away. As we have entered into
February, nothing becomes more special and beautiful than Valentine’s Day. What are you up to guys
this year??? I am sure the dilemma of what to give your bae as a present on this V-day must be
there. That’s why I have come to your rescue. Let’s sneak into five personalized gift items which you
can present to your beloved and make their soul eternally happy. Isn’t this what you always
wanted?? Let’s do it this time.
Be it men or women, these gifts are for both of you and can be given to anyone. So, no more
worrying about what to gift your boyfriend or girlfriend on the eve of Valentine’s Day! It’s true that
Valentine’s Day is very special affair for lovers and beautiful couples. That’s why it’s equally
important to give a token of love to your partner to cherish this day for lifelong. There you go!!!

Mason jar with a Picture

How about that!? A decorated mason jar with a beautiful picture of you two captured in it – this
would definitely melt the heart of the person who is on the receiving hand. I personally would love if
my bae give me something like this. Also, it’s very easy to make at home in just a span of a day. Fill it
with pom poms, colourful papers and other sparkling things to enhance the overall appeal and make
it your perfect valentine gift.

A Heart of Sticky Notes

Wow, I am sure every girl would love to have this one. So if you are a doting boyfriend, get on work
to make a beautiful heart full of handwritten sticky notes to let your girl know about your sheer love.
Also, you can be creative by using colourful sticky notes and make it more attractive. And this one is
also a day job.

Personalized Keychain

If you want to go simple and sorted (basically do not have time to make it by yourself), then a
personalized keychain is a good option to give your valentine this year. Keep it fun and interesting by

getting some memorable quote itched on the keychain. What would you pick???

Customized Watch – Timeless Gift

If your bae is a watch lover, then nothing can impress his/her more than a classic piece of time. Also,
it’s not just a piece of time, but it will always make them remember about your timeless love. What
can be more beautiful than that??? I can’t think about anything.

Light Bulb of Love

Can you make what you see here in the picture??? Make your love shinier and glowing like this
charming light bulb and keep it always in front of your eyes. I mean whoever is on the receiving end.
So, this is all about making this Valentine’s special.
I hope it’s helpful and you are going to ditch shopping this time to give DIY a try.

Monday, 8 January 2018

5 Fashionable Women Heels You Are Missing Out

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You must be counting yours, aren’t you?! Well, let me tell you that I can bet that you don’t have any of these pairs of heels in your collection. And if you do, then you qualify to be a true fashion expert. Women sandals are not something which is avoidable and irreplaceable. They are simply loving and love doesn’t fade away at any moment. Be it a casual day, party, shopping time, date night or office hour, footwear are must at every point in time. To keep your fashion game forever up, make sure that you own these classy pairs of sandals and get ready to strut like a chic. Are you ready to scroll down???

Below mentioned heels for women are must-have for fashion lovers so that they can always stay stylish and beautiful. It’s time to make your feet happy by slipping into these fashionable heels. Let’s do it...

Ankle Strap Heels
You must be having a bunch of heels on your shoe rack but if you do not own ankle strap heels, you are missing out the latest fashion fad. Just like other heels, these stylish women heels vary in heel height and base structure. The only thing which makes these women sandals different from other heels is the strap across the ankle, making them highly comfortable and sassy on appeal.

Cone Heels
I can bet you never noticed that the shape of the heel comes in various different structures. Have you??? A heel which is wider at the sole of the foot and keeps getting narrower at the base is what cone heels look like. Get this one to your collection and let people fall for your fabulous style statement and fashion sense.

Just the one shown in the picture, mules have the higher section at the top of the foot as compared to the below heel. These heels can have open or closed structure at the front of the foot and can vary in heel height. What you think about this one???

French Heels
Popularly known as Louis Heels, French heels have smaller heel heights and are in a curvy like shape. These women heels are highly trending and are a huge craze among fashion experts. Wear them with formal dresses and call it vogue.

Do you remember your academy shoes lately??? Similar to them, oxfords consist of flat heels with slightly greater height than the traditional shoes. A pair of oxfords is extremely classy and sophisticated in appeal.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Here is the list of Most Popular Celebrity Weddings of 2017

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To be true, the year was more about weddings than fashion or anything. And the huge share of credit goes to the most beautiful and power fledged Indian couple - Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma. The two tied the knot in December and got their name on top in the list of the most celebrated weddings of 2017.

A wedding is a pretty big affair in Indian culture and we just can’t let these moments go plain. In our country, the traditional values and rituals play an important role in getting two people hitched for life. No matter you are a celebrity or a part of the crowd, wedding is a very special occasion in each of our lives. Let’s take a look back at this year and catch with the most popular and luxurious weddings happened in 2017. Here it is...

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma

This wedding has caused the sensation in the country and the world as well due to the two highly popular Indian personalities being involved. The moment two left the country on the same day, speculations started making rounds and everywhere was the news of two getting hitched. Well, the same happened on 11th of December when these two tied the knot in the luxurious Tuscan villa in Italy.
After coming back to the country, they hosted the two grand receptions, one in Delhi for family and relatives and the other in Mumbai for friends and colleagues. The celebrations of these two have just come to an end.

Sagarika Ghatge & Zaheer Khan

Another couple from cricket world and tinsel town got hitched in early November. They were – Sagarika Ghatge, the girl from Chak De India and famous Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan. The two got wed in a simple court marriage and then hosted a grand reception for their friends and family. A lot of Bollywood celebs and people from cricket world were spotted at the event. Post-reception, the two went to Maldives for honeymoon. May their future life be filled with love and peace!

Bharti Singh & Harsh Limbachiya
Bharti and Harsh finally got married and now they are one happy couple of industry. The two of them were first seen together on the sets of Nach Baliye. The queen of comedy and famous Bollywood celebrity Bharti Singh finally got hitched with her long time beau Harsh Limbachiya in a private ceremony in Goa. Bharti chose fuchsia pink lehenga from Akashi Designer Studio and her handsome groom accompanied her in a blue and white sherwani. A lot of famous faces from Television industry and B-town were seen attending the wedding.

Aashka Goradia & Brent Goble
Just like Bharti, the two participated in a dance show ‘Nach Baliye’ and always look lovely together. The duo got married in a beautiful ceremony, just right out of a fairytale in Ahmedabad. They had a close-knit Christian ceremony which was attended by her close industry friends. Aashka looked outstanding in an exquisite white gown while her dashing groom looked debonair in a sparkling suit. The two is amazing together; May god blesses them with loads of happiness and love. The wedding was attended by Mouni Rou, Adaa Khan, Karanvir Bohr and others.
The two also had an Indian ceremony with all rituals and traditions being followed.

Naga Chaitanya & Samantha Ruth Prabhu

The beautiful couple from South industry tied a knot in Goa on October 6. The couple had two weddings – the Hindu wedding on 6 October which was followed by a Christian ceremony on 7 October. For Christian wedding, Samantha wore a light purple gown and complemented her attire with diamond necklace and matching earrings while Naga wore stunning black tuxedo. Such a beautiful couple they both make!
For Hindu wedding, Samantha picked Naga’s grandmother’s saree and paired it up with lavish gold ornaments. On the other hand, Naga looked classic Indian groom in a white kurta pyjama.

Neil Nitin Mukesh & Rukmini Sahay
Early this year, the Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh got wed in a private wedding ceremony on 9 February. The couple got married in a lavish ceremony held in Udaipur. All the pre-wedding functions and post-wedding parties were held at the same place. After the wedding in Udaipur, the couple threw a grand reception at JW Marriot, Mumbai where the swarm of Bollywood biggies was seen. Who else wants to have a destination wedding like this couple??? Well, Udaipur is the place you should be.

Mandana Karimi & Gaurav Gupta

Do you remember a famous contestant from Big Boss 9 ‘Mandana Karimi??? The beautiful actresses surprised everyone when she made a declaration of her court marriage with her long-time boyfriend Gaurav Gupta. The couple got hitched on January 25, early this year.